The past years we developed successfully 2 eTwinningprojects for small children: 'Eyes' (http://eyes.gbsdewaterleest.be, winner eTwinning-award 2008) and '1 2 3 4'
(http://1234.gbsdewaterleest.be, winner Microsoft Hands-On 2008). So we searched for a new subject to continue our work.

Every school year the teachers of the small children work out the theme 'Space'. The children like this idea very much. Also the Belgian astronaut Frank the Winne left on 27 May 2009 to take part in a six month mission aboard the International Space Station.
So we try to fit in ICT.

The guide on our space flight is SPOOKY SP@CE, a sweet little spaceman. He takes care of the small children and makes sure that they see eachother in a virtual way.

Kristof De Loose
GBS De Waterleest Eppegem (Belgium)